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Beyonce - Smash Into You - Lyrics Meaning

In Smash Into You, Beyonce sings about her love for this man and how overwhelming it can be. She is so in love with him that she feels as if she may burst if it has to continue being contained and she wants to be able to let go and free her feelings. She compares her emotions to a race with the earth, and she knows that he loves her so much that she is "soaked" in it.

The lyrics say that she wants to "run, run smash into you", which brings up images of the typical lovers scene where the two are running towards each other with open arms. Once they "smash" into each other, they will be right where they belong as lovers, together. Her ears are closed because she does not want to hear from anyone that may try to discourage her feelings or to put them down. She further relates their love to a race by saying that she knows they will win first place and a gold medal. This is explaining the faith that she has in their relationship and their ability to be very happy together. She is eliminating all of her senses by closing her eyes and ears, because she knows that their love is all that she needs to survive.

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