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Bill withers - aint no sunshine - Lyrics Meaning

Aint no sunshine has been a musical hit from the day it was released in 1971, it's been in everything from movies, tv series, to adverts and continues to be covered and remain one of the most recognized soulful songs every created, listed on Rolling stones list of 500 greatest songs of all time winning a Grammy for best R&B in 1972 and the Best rhythm and Blues song.

In an interview with withers he stated, the song was inspired by a 1962 movie called "Days of wine and roses" explaining how certain characters within the film resonated and helped him with the creation of the title.

There was some dispute on changing the line "I Know" mentioned 26 times which Withers did not plan on repeating that line but other close musicians such as Brooker T had advised him to leave it in and also because that there were no introduction made it a problem for radio disc jockeys to talk it up before while or before playing.

Withers would also preform the song on a British tv show that ran through to 1971-87.

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