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Bill withers - lovely day - Lyrics Meaning

Lovely day was one of Withers later released hit singles in 1977 released on his album menagerie in 78, ranked at #6 on the Bill board R&B chart and made it as a top ten in the UK.

Famous for its laid back blues summer soulful sound, Covered by many musician's such as twister, it is also known for its 2nd to 1st record place in the UK as Withers holds a note for 18 seconds within the song.

The song was the inspired from his co-writer, according to withers in a interview, " we're all sponges, put us around nice people and nice things come out of us" Bill would compose his music through his own life experiences and that of others to show a spectrum of musical writing he could play with, both lyrical and musical.

You'll hear the song on radio, movies, and tv series or even at parties and a regular song to be played throughout summer, because of its obvious lyrics it makes this song a classic for a summer good feeling or out with friends makes this still remaining classic a hit to this day.

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