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Black Keys - Little Black Submarine - Lyrics Meaning

Little black submarine was a rock radio success with their album EL Camino at the 2013 Grammy award, received the award for best rock album has both literal and quite obscure and deep lyrical meaning that can be made up to interpretation, a religious or personal issue or it can be taken as literal meaning, "Black submarine" meaning a phone and as it mentions "operator please" a metaphor that could mean he's trying to get through to a girl "put me back on the line" or could be seen as a personal metaphor for being disconnected from people or is hanging on to a past love he cannot let go.

The song had many alterations before the band made the two final versions of it as it became its own blues lose style of acoustics for the first half, it starts much different from most of their explosive songs by reeling you in with soulful acoustics then splitting halfway through with an explosion of drums and guitars, similarly to led zeppelin's style, The rolling stones wrote that one could "easily hear Led Zeppelin in 'Little Black Submarines' while claiming it to be 18th-best song of the year.

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