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Black keys - tighten up - Lyrics Meaning

Tighten up is the 2nd Hit single that released in 2010 on their album Brothers. The song made its way to movies, tv series and video games, furthered there career to receive high demands for international touring.

The song within itself starts with a catchy whistle that put the song on a list of the 15 Best Whistling Songs of All Time, by rolling stones.

It's pretty easy to realise that the songs first line "I wanted love, I needed love" is going to be about a woman he is in love with, crazy about a girl that reminds him of his past self when he was young as he dwells deeper into the song's lyrics by implying be has been pretty wild and promiscuous in the past, a real player as he mentions in some lines, "being young and moving fast and having shame.

He knows she will break his heart but he feels too sick, aching" without her and in the end but he can't break from it because she's got him under her seduction. They have an official music video created to represent the meaning further showing two of the band members with fictional children fighting over love, the music video won the 2010 MTV Video Music Award in 2010.

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