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Britney Spears - Overprotected - Lyrics Meaning

The song "Overprotected", from Britney Spears' 2002 album Britney, is a song that did well on the charts but has come back to be a bit of an irony piece for the singer. Although she didn't write the lyrics, they have been prophetic over her chaotic personal life and professional instabilities. Dismissed as a simple rebel anthem for the teen generation at first, the lyrics are now interpreted on a different level.

In the song, Britney sings about her need to break free and break out of the mold that she was being cast in as a young performer. However, the lyrics can also be interpreted as wanting to break out of her personal mold as well. Controlled by her mother and managers, Spears had never really be out there in the world on her own, and her rage at that situation brought an edge to the live performances that really got fans worked up about the song.

However, while the lyrics chanted about the need to be free to make her own mistakes and reject all authority, ultimately doing just that was her undoing. With a drug induced mental breakdown and tumultuous personal life, the singer doesn't always include this song in her touring line up. Perhaps Spears, like many others, look back on their rebellious and impulsive decisions with the desire to go back to being "Overprotected".

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