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Britney Spears - Piece of Me - Lyrics Meaning

Piece of Me by Britney Spears is a response to the constant scrutiny by the media which Spears has become a target. Because of recent dramas in Spear's life between her divorce with Kevin Federline and the custody battles for her two sons, there has been much speculation to her life. Spears presented this song to the public to show that she expects the media to be a part of her life, however the events that have preceded this are becoming ridiculous. The title of the song and a main part of the lyrics are asking the media if they want a piece of her, because she is getting to the point where they have already taken everything.

She is unable to escape the attention if she goes on vacation or if she is out at Los Angeles night clubs. Her lyrics defend her ability to be a good mother and still focus on her career as a pop star. She also brings up the fact that she is unable to make people happy one way or the other with the line "I'm Mrs. She's too big now she's too thin". The continuous negative attention she has received at this point in her life has driven her near the edge of a breakdown, and this song is describing her recovery and her climb back to the top.

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