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Coldplay - Fix You - Lyrics Meaning

Fix you, from the band's massive hit record X & Y, reached number 59 in the US and number 4 in the UK. The song is about singer Chris Martin trying to comfort his wife who had to deal with the death of her father. In USA Today Martin mentioned that his father-in-law Bruce Paltrow had purchased a large keyboard before his death and had never played it. Martin said that upon plugging in the keyboard for the first time an incredible noise came out and Martin used that as inspiration for the song. A musical inspiration for the song was a track called Megalomania by the band Muse.

Fix You could be the anthem for most men in relationships. The need to try and fix the problem of someone you love rings out in this song. To see someone you love hurting causes pain and frustration, and for most men there is an intense desire to try and fix the problem. Sometimes that is not possible and that theme shines clear in the lyrics of the song when Martin says "And I will try to fix you." The song debuted on the hit teen drama The O.C.

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