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Coldplay - Talk - Lyrics Meaning

Talk was a track from the Coldplay album X & Y released in 2005. For the song the band used a riff from the song Computer Love by the electronica band Kraftwerk. Three different tracks were cut for the song and the band settled on the earliest version. The track reached number eighty-six in the US and number ten in the United Kingdom. Talk is about someone who is going through hardship and needs advice. What is unique about it is that it is not between a man and a woman as evidenced in the first line of the lyrics where the singer refers to wanting to talk to his brother.

Singer Chris Martin said the band went through many trials and tribulations recording this album. Coldplay had reached mega status in the music industry and Martin had married superstar actress Gwyneth Paltrow making him a tabloid favorite. Martin said the band tried to record everything separately and then fix the mistakes with technology, but the members soon found out this was not a good practice for any band to partake in. They reunited and switched producers and finished the album. A leaked version of Talk that had different lyrics hit the internet in March 2005.

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