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Flyleaf - I'm so Sick - Lyrics Meaning

The song "I'm so Sick" was released on August 29th, 2006 from the band known as Flyleaf. This particular song was not only the first single from Flyleaf, but it was also their second music video. The song was on the album self titled, Flyleaf. The song has been quite successful for the band.

Since the release of "I'm so sick" there have been multiple different rumors as to what the true meaning behind the lyrics of the song is. These different rumors have included things such as relationships and a location where one of the members of Flyleaf grew up. However, despite the numerous rumors about the meaning of the song, it does not hold such a hidden meaning. A lot of times, people read too far in to the lyrics and over analyze them.

The song "I'm so sick" does have a particular meaning. The meaning behind the song is broad and can be connected to various different situations. However, all of these situations have a common denominator when compared to the song. The song is simply explaining that there are things in life that are sick and wrong, and having to abide by these things may make you sick. However, when you reach the point in your life where you are capable of making decisions on your own, you do not have to be sick.

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