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Flyleaf - Red Sam - Lyrics Meaning

The song titled "Red Sam" was released by the band known as Flyleaf. The song has created a lot of speculation as to what the true meaning behind the song actually is. The title of the song also fueled the curiosity of fans and listeners. However, the name of the song is actually composed of combining two of the members names; Jared and Sameer. From this, the band created the name "Red Sam" as the title for the song.

There have been multiple interpretations concluding that the song is speaking about addiction or a relationship between significant others. However, this is not fully correct but not fully incorrect. The song is about a relationship but it is not about a relationship with a significant other. The relationship that the song is about is the relationship between Flyleaf singer Lacey Mosley and God.

At one point in time, the singer used to be an atheist. However, when Lacey was around sixteen years old, she began searching for answers about religion. In addition to this, Lacey also witnessed a family member suffer from a heart attack. This was around the time that Lacey discovered God. It was then that she discovered god and became saved.

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