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Garth Brooks - Two of a Kind, Workin' on a Full House - Lyrics Meaning

The song `Two of a kind, workin' on a full house' was the third release from Garth Brooks and also the third number one hit for the artist. This song was originally part of Haynes notes and song ideas and Brooks asked to look at the list. One of the lyrics he had written down was "Two of a kind, working on a Full House" and Brooks said "That is the song!" Once it was decided that was the name of the song, many of the lyrics were wrote from scratch and only took a few hours to come together. The Lyrics are catchy and are comparing the game of poker to that of life, relationship and starting a family.

The lyrics of this song tell the story of a southern couple who are just starting out. It has down home lyrics which relate to real life relationships such as "Lord I need that little women like the crops need the rain." And "This time I found a keeper." The lyrics then go on to state that they are "Two or a kind, working on a full house" which means that the couple is meant to be together and is working on starting a family together. This song was originally released in 1990 on the album "No Fences."

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