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Garth Brooks - Unanswered Prayers - Lyrics Meaning

This song is one which Garth Brooks wrote about a personal experience in his life with the help of Larry Bastian and Pat Alger. Brooks explains that the lesson behind the song is that "Happiness isn't about getting what you want; it is about wanting what you've got." Brooks admits that for the first couple years of his marriage he thought that he was meant to be with his old high school flame and now he realizes that god doesn't always give you what you ask for but what you were meant to receive.

Brooks admits that the only part of this song that is not a true life story for him was the location in which the narrative takes place. He did not run into his old girlfriend at a high school football game, it was at the "Kraft's fair bazaar" which was a "fundraiser for rehabilitated 18 year old boys." Since this did not fit well into the lyrics he changed it to `high school football game'. The meaning behind the lyrics is that you have to thank god sometimes for the prayers that did not get answered because only god knows what is in store for you down the road.

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