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Green Day - Boulevard of Broken Dreams - Lyrics Meaning

The band 'Green Day' is an American band that performs the music of punk rock. Since 1987, the band has been producing record hits and has been doing really great. The band has four members and they are - Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt, Try Cool and Jason White.

The title also refers to Sunset Boulevard. Sunset Boulevard is a famous boulevard where it relates to some famous happenings in Hollywood. 'Boulevard of Broken Dreams' has a sole meaning of where you walk alone and you think where all of your dreams are broke into pieces. And that's what the song is pretty much about. It sounds depressing and it is. Here's some that's told, lyrically speaking-.

"I walk this empty street. On the Boulevard of broken dreams. When the city sleeps. And I'm the only one and I walk alone." If this were an actual person, it would seem they'd be severely depressed and wouldn't know what to do. In some small part, this has to do with each one of us one time or another. Whether it was for a few minutes or several weeks, we all at one time or another 'walk alone on the Boulevard'.

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