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Green Day - Oh Love - Lyrics Meaning

Green Day is an American band from California. Ever since 1987, the band has been producing awesome songs and albums. The band has these members: Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt, Try Cool and Jason White.

"Oh love. Oh love. Won't your rain on me tonight. Oh ride. Free ride. Won't you take me close to you." These are some of the lyrics from 'Oh Love'. If you want to know what they mean, you're going to have to continue reading a bit. The song was released in 2012 and had the number #1 spot of a little while. The music video depicts of some crude scenes, and it has to do with a rock star's life.

The music video and the meaning is (what was said) about what rock stars go through. The band is trying to express to the world, living this lifestyle isn't easy and it's only for the selected few. And what was said by Mike Dirnt, he stated that the band was trying to get back to the basics. The song and the meaning of what you think of it is not asynchronous. To truly understand what a rock star goes through, you have to be one.

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