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Kanye West - Heartless - Lyrics Meaning

The lyrics to Heartless by Kanye West narrate the bitter ending of a relationship. She made mistakes, and so did he. However, she is willing to overlook her own decisions and hold him responsible for what he has done. She wants to make him pay, and is therefore looking to her friends and his old friends for support. They agreed to let things be, but they somehow still end up on the phone in the middle of the night arguing.

He wants to be able to end their relationship on a good note, but she is being so "heartless" that he is losing the desire to fix things. He tells her that he does not want to be enemies, and to stop turning to her friends because they only know the bad stories and not the special love that they did share. He feels that he is being wronged, and while she thinks he is getting what he deserves, he is explaining that he is not going to stick around and be harassed by her and her friends. He will leave and be "gone into the night", and he is confident that in a few month's time, she will regret her actions because she is unable to find a better boyfriend than he was.

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