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Kanye West - Jesus Walks - Lyrics Meaning

The lyrics to Jesus Walks by Kanye West explain his feelings of religion, as well as comparing them to society's perspective. He is admitting in the song that he has made bad choices, but he knows that Jesus is at his side walking with him. He knows that Jesus is aware of his decisions, and that He still sticks around trying to help him find the right path in life, as well as to give him support to fall back on when the times get difficult.

He is going into detail about how he finds in necessary to sing a song on such a topic because it does not receive any recognition in this time period. You are able to turn on the radio and listen to a song about "guns, sex, lies, video tapes", but there are no positive influences for listeners. He understands that he is singing about a topic that may not be publicly accepted, which can take away from how many times his albums will "spin", but he feels that is worth it to try to bring out the day he is "dreaming about". He wants everyone to know of his relationship with Jesus and not to think that because they may not attend church every Sunday that He is not "walking" with them as well.

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