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Katy Perry - I Kissed A Girl - Lyrics Meaning

I Kissed A Girl by Katy Perry describes the force of human nature to experiment. In the case of these lyrics, she is experimenting with kissing an individual of the same sex. This is not something she would ordinarily act on, however the consumption of alcohol has given her the courage to act on it. While out with her friends, she found a girl that she found attractive and kissed her, just to see what it was like. The kiss was completely random, and she did not even know the girl's name. She is now hoping that her boyfriend will not be offended by her actions.

She knows that what she did was something that most girls, especially "good girls", do not act on, however she was so tempted it was "hard to obey". She states that her actions were innocent and she was not looking for anything more than fulfillment of her curiosity. She describes how girls are "magical", with their skin and lips so different from those of a man's. Her lyrics make it clear that she was not looking for anything serious, she only did it "just to try it", and it does not mean that she has changed sexual preferences or is "in love tonight".

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