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Katy Perry - Waking Up In Vegas - Lyrics Meaning

Waking Up In Vegas by Katy Perry was released in 2008

Katy Perry told the Sun newspaper "Vegas gives me that 'what the f--- feeling.' It's really close to LA so one night you could be having a beer with your friends and, when you wake up, you're in Vegas."

The song lyrics basically describe a young girl who has gone out with her friend for a mad night of drinking and having fun but when she wakes the next morning with a headache and a hangover she and her friend realise they are somewhere completely different to where they started out, i.e. Vegas.

To start with she is worried and can't figure out what is happening; she has lost her money, her keys and worst of all, her fake id.

She tells her friend not to panic, they are in this situation together and whatever she does, don't telephone her mother, after all, they are now partners in crime so to speak.

But she soon pulls herself together and decides to encourage herself and her friend to get down and have a good time.

After all, they are in Las Vegas.

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