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Lifehouse - Broken - Lyrics Meaning

Broken, a single off of Lifehouse's Who We Are album was inspired by a road trip lead singer Jason Wade took to Nashville to visit a friend waiting for a kidney transplant. The track reached number eighty-six on the US charts and was released in 2007. Although the song was derived from Wade's experience dealing with the fragile life of his friend the song definitely has a broader scope than that as it speaks to the overall fragility of life.

As with many "pseudo-Christian acts there is a veiled spirituality to the song. Lyrics that talk about "finding meaning in your name" and "I may have lost my way now, haven't forgotten my way home" speak to a relationship with God that sometimes is bumpy at best. There is a somber tone to the track and Wade's openness about his own mortality is appreciated. The group has done its best from being labeled a one hit wonder ever since the release of their 2001 monster hit Hanging by a Moment was the most played song on radio that year. Broken's video was co-produced by actor Keifer Sutherland and has appeared in television shows such as Grey's Anatomy, The Hills, Criminal Minds and One Tree Hill.

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