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Lifehouse - Hanging By a Moment - Lyrics Meaning

This track was a single for the band's No Name Face record which was released in 2000. Lead singer Jason Wade wrote the track. The story goes that Wade came up with the melody and lyrics in a matter of just ten minutes. Wade recalls that as he was in the studio the melody and chorus came into his mind and he seized the opportunity and picked up his guitar and started playing. Little did he know that the song birthed out of a ten minute period in the studio would change his and his band mate's lives forever.

The topic of the song has been a source of debate as to whom or what Wade is referencing in the lyrics. Wade is in fact speaking of his relationship with Christ and his spiritual journey of being a Christian and seeking after Christ. He speaks of seeking for truth and being desperate for change in his life. Wade speaks about taking Christ's invitation to be his savior in which the singer replies for God to take all of him. Many people attribute the inspiration of this song to a woman. The lyrics certainly can be interpreted that way and is in fact how most people see the song. The track reached number two in the US and was the most played radio hit of 2001.

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