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Linkin Park - Crawling - Lyrics Meaning

Linkin Park is a famous band from Agoura Hills in California. The band has seen much success and has made a name for itself. The band has an unique sound; using styles with rap, rock and techno - the band's sound isn't like others in its genre. The two main band members are Chester Bennington and Mike Shinoda.

'Crawling' is a powerful song by the group that expresses deep feelings. Let's go over some lyrics before we try and understand them: "Crawling in my skin. These wounds they will not heal. Fear is how I fall. Confusing what is real." Most of the lyrics describe a problem relating to someone having issues. It's easier to tell via the music video. The music video shows a young girl dealing with her issues at home. It's an 'emo' kid dealing with personal problems. And it seems like that person might need some sort of help.

The problems aren't easy to overcome and it takes some time to understand how these problems can be solved. The song has a meaning toward teen depression. The artists wants everyone to understand, it's not easy being a depressed teen, but depression can be overthrown by getting a little help.

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