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Linkin Park - Shadow of the Day - Lyrics Meaning

Linkin Park is known for their alternative rock songs that become favorites among their fans and listeners, and the release of Shadow of the Day was no different. This dark, yet meaningful song attracted fans with its melancholy tune and thoughtful lyrics.

Shadow of the Day is about the recognition that every cycle eventually comes to an end. Life is included in this cycle, and is making reference not only to a person's life, but the life of their loved ones, and how eventually death is an inevitable part of everyone's time on earth. Some people would suggest that the "shadow of the day" represents the memory of a person's life after they are gone. The lyrics suggest that there is no way to avoid the inevitable, and sometimes saying "goodbye is the only way".

There is a considerable amount of talk surrounding the meaning behind Shadow of the Day, but one version of the video closely follows the meaning that death is inevitable in the circle of life. The video is set in a war scene where deaths occur regularly, and the singer looks at all of the carnage in front of him, and the scene fades to black, suggesting that despite his efforts, his time was also coming to an end. Versions that were released in different countries were able to enforce that point through more graphic endings.