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Maroon 5 - Makes Me Wonder - Lyrics Meaning

Makes Me Wonder by Maroon 5 explains the contradicting feelings about being in a relationship. He wants to be with her, but then he has doubts about whether he can fulfill his obligations as a good boyfriend. He has made mistakes in their relationship that has caused her pain, and because of that, she is lacking the patience to try to give him a second chance. He wants her to put the past behind her, but she is unable because of the pain he has caused. He is hoping that she can "forget about the truth" and move on, but she does not have the time to listen to any more of his explanations.

He is getting frustrated because she is not forgiving him for his actions and he wants her to be able to let go of her grudges. Because she can't, he is doubting if it "even makes a difference" to be upset and remorseful, or to try to fix things. He is ultimately giving up because she cannot forgive, and that makes it "goodbye". All of these difficulties make him wonder how much they truly cared about each other in the beginning.

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