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Maroon 5 - Wake Up Call - Lyrics Meaning

Wake Up Call by Maroon 5 narrates the story of a man that lost his girlfriend because she was unfaithful and his reaction to catching her in the act. He loved her dearly, but she lost his trust after betraying him when she cheated on him with another man in his own bed. He did not understand how she could have treated him in such a way, because she said that she loved him and he believed her. Now his is left to handle his own "raw emotion", and ends up killing the "six foot tall" man that was with his girlfriend.

His feelings of betrayal are what drove him to violence. He doe not have any regret, and acknowledges that by saying that "it's not my fault `cause you both deserve what's coming now". He tells her that if she was feeling neglected in their relationship that she should have spoken up because he could have given her what she needed. Now her mistakes have been made, and the damage is irreversible. While he would have "bled" to make her happy, he is not able to give her that anymore because their love is tarnished.

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