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Oasis - The Shock of the Lightning - Lyrics Meaning

British band, Oasis hit the world with a song that showed they commiserated with those who also ponder meaningful things in life. The Shock of the Lightning was released in September of 2008 and became an automatic hit, much like many of their songs.

The Shock of the Lightning is about pondering one of life's greatest mysteries, the concept of love and all that it entails. The Shock of the Lightening talks about the complexity of love and how complicated it can be to understand all of its many facets. It describes the confusion and psychological ping-pong that some people play when they are figuring out what love is all about.

The lead singer in Oasis basically tells a story about how he suddenly realizes that he might be falling in love, but he is confused and reluctant to accept it. He keeps trying to deny the feeling, stating that it is all in his mind, and that he feels out of control but he is tied up tight. That would suggest that he wants to let go and accept what he's feeling but his reservations are keeping him tied up. The "shock of lightning" is likely a reference to the shock of what he's feeling, possibly a spark between himself and the person he's finding love with.

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