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Oasis - Wonderwall - Lyrics Meaning

It is widely thought that this song was written by Noel Gallagher for his then girlfriend Meg Matthews who was later to become his wife.

This myth was shattered when Noel said that that particular interpretation of the song was jumped on by the media as it made a great story.

Gallagher later admitted the song is actually about an imaginary friend who comes to save you from yourself.

There is a line in the song that is recognised as one of the most misheard lyrics of all time, that line is 'You're gonna be the one that saves me' is often misheard, especially in the UK as 'You're gonna be the one at Sainsburys'!

The instrumental album by George Harrison, Wonderwall Music is the inspiration for the actual music for the song. This was written in 1968 and was the first solo album released by any members of the Beatles.

The British army, in 2002, unwittingly produced a recruitment video showing soldiers exercising with Wonderwall as the background music. The production company making the film didn't realise that they needed permission to use the song and they unfortunately had to withdraw all of the videos

when Oasis refused to give their agree to its use.