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Oleander - Benign - Lyrics Meaning

Oleander is a band from southern California. The name is from the flower oleander and the plant is pretty toxic to humans. The band consists of Thomas Flowers, Doug Eldridge, Ric Ivanisevich, Steve Brown and Rich Mouser. The most notable album was Unwind. Even though the band isn't successful as it once was, it's still producing songs today.

'Benign' is a refreshing song that's from the album Unwind. The band wanted this song to be what the title is about. The song is essentially about being in a benign state. Of course 'benign' meaning good or in that state. Here's a few lyrics to get yourself familiar with: "Only Heaven knows. Only Heaven shows the way. Back to everything. - You know and love." The benign state is where everything is calm and enjoyable. It is really what makes you happy inside, and anything that's bad, is practically nonexistent. Another meaning behind the song is death or dying and coming back. When you're dead or dying, supposedly you're in a benign or calming state. According to science, your brain shuts down and it shows itself a state of tranquility before you are deceased. In effect, the lyrics say you'll be coming back and it's not your time to go, more or less.

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