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Oleander - Champion - Lyrics Meaning

Oleander is a band from Sacramento, CA. The name is from the flower oleander. The band consists of Thomas Flowers, Doug Eldridge, Ric Ivanisevich, Steve Brown and Rich Mouser. Their most notable album was Unwind, and it received decent reviews and made the charts.

'Champion' was dedicated to the men and women of the NYC firefighters union due to the 2001 September attacks. Let's find out why by reviewing a few lyrics: "You never turned your back.

You never walked away. You would only smile. You would only say. Everything is fine. It'll all work out. And everything is okay." The music video shows firefighters fighting the aftermath of what is considered to be the most horrific day in America. The firefighters are helping thousands of people from the devastation. The band wanted to give them much-needed recognition due to all the hard work and sacrifice they give each and everyday of their lives.

The band knew that the media didn't give firefighters enough appreciation was it were. The media just gave them mostly interviews during Sept. 11th and of course not much of it was stated that they were heroes until some time later. The good news is because of this song, these men and women will always be remembered.

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