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Papa Roach - Forever - Lyrics Meaning

Papa Roach struck a chord in the hearts of many when they released Forever. Some might consider their dark attire and rough appearance contradictory to the meaningful songs they write, where feelings, thoughts and situations are deep down, and their fans find they are extremely easy to relate to.

Forever takes two sides of a romantic loss and brings them together in an artfully produced combination of music and lyrics. It speaks of the frustrations and upset that people go through when they fall so deeply in love with someone and that love is lost. It makes reference to not being able to get over someone, and the realization that it will likely never happen, regardless of who they are with or what they are doing in the future. Forever is a song about eventually getting over a broken heart, but realizing that the feelings will never fade, even if some of the pain does.

A lot of fans were able to relate to Forever, as nearly everyone has had a person in their life that they once loved with all of their heart. Unfortunately for some, the love they gave their heart to has vanished from the relationship, and Forever gives them the ability to let go of their frustration without letting the memory of or the feelings for that special person go with it.

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