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Paramore - Decode - Lyrics Meaning

Paramore did it again with another hit when they released the single Decode for the smash box office hit, Twilight in 2008. According to sources, this song was written specifically for the Twilight soundtrack, and closely follows the characters Edward Cullen and Bella Swan through their deeply rooted love and frustrations and confusions they face with each other.

In the Twilight movie, Edward is a mind reader and feels increasing frustration as he finds he cannot read Bella's thoughts. Edward wants to know what Bella is feeling as she looks at him through piercing and dangerously curious eyes. Bella feels frustrated as well, because she realizes that falling in love with the blood-sucking vampire could cost her life, and that it goes against every principle and belief of normalcy. Bella also recognizes that she does not care whether or not Edward can kill her, she just wants to be with the person she loves so deeply.

One line in the song says, "I'm screaming, `I love you so' on my own, my thoughts you can't decode." This line says it all when it comes to how Bella and Edward's situation frustrates her, because she cannot make it clear to him how much she loves him because he refuses to listen in attempt to protect her from the danger he presents.

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