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Paramore - Misery Business - Lyrics Meaning

Paramore, a perfectly blended quartet of three male voices and one female voice released Misery Business in 2007 on their second album, Riot. This pop punk band spoke to a younger generation with their song Misery Business by putting a catchy spin on how some teenagers wish they could voice their frustrations when it comes to young love.

Misery Business is a fast-paced song about the trials and tribulations of a young girl whose boyfriend was stolen from her by her high school nemesis. Instead of letting go of the boy that was stolen from her, she does everything she can to make her nemesis feel horrible about stealing her boyfriend, and the lyrics would strongly suggest that she does not feel bad about saying or doing anything she did, and that the glory of getting her boyfriend back too precedence over any shame or guilt.

An interview with the Hayley Wiliams revealed that while it was one of their most shameful songs on the album, it was an important one, and that her hopes for the song are to allow everyone to understand how important the process of letting go is. Many young girls were able to relate to this song, as nearly anyone in high school who has lost their boyfriend or girlfriend to someone else has likely experienced emotions like these, whether or not they are willing to admit it.

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