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Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody - Lyrics Meaning

One of the bands biggest hits, it remained top 10 in the uk for 9 weeks, written by Mercury, it was released as a single in 75 becoming a commercial success internationally.

The song delves into a story of a man who has committed murder, he's telling his mother what he's done, confessing what he's done and his feelings, he may have done this out of self defence, he's been caught now and sentenced on death row, he isn't anyone special, he has no money and there's none that will help him.

He implies that if he had connections or money and a good lawyer he would have had a better change and maybe gotten away with it.

But eventually ends with him accepting that he is merely an ordinary person with no luck and no power.

The dead mans loved ones finds out about his execution and are distressed about it they want revenge for his death and they can't wait to see the murderer executed.

The person on death row gets to speak to his mother or at least starts to think about her, feeling remorse, guilt for what he's done, he confesses everything.