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Queen - we are the champions - Lyrics Meaning

Known as one of rocks greatest anthems of all time, it was released in 1977 reaching worldwide success peaking in top 5 of charts, 2nd in the UK and is claimed to be one of the most catchiest tunes of all time, The inspiration came from Mercury, he said in an interview, "I was thinking about football at the time" relating to the type of chant fans sing in football, Freddie wanted to keep this style in the song.

It was written by Freddie and all members of the band contributed to the songs creation as they go on to sing about their trails and tribulations they have had to endure in the past and over the years as a band while not giving up no matter how many time they were put down by trying to make it as a unique band different from societies views, it is their fight to success as a band in the music business, eventually after a time of hardship they make it to the top overcoming any obstacle, they symbolize this as a national anthem for their victory.

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