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Reba McEntire - Consider me Gone - Lyrics Meaning

This song was the second single on Reba's album "Keep on Loving You" and made it all the way to number one which allowed her to enter into the running as the second country singer to have a number one song four decades in a row. Reba describes this song as "A strong women song." It tells the story of a couple who do not communicate enough and are on the brink of divorce if things don't get better. In a interview with Great American Country she states "That is one thing that is wrong with relationships, that there's not enough communication" and that is what the lyrics to this song are all about.

The song was not written by Reba but by Marv Green and Steve Diamond. They wanted to write a song about the inattentiveness of men and that they do not always pay attention to the needs of their wife. Reba loved the song when she heard it and decided that it would be recorded on her current album. The lyrics paint a picture of a woman who doesn't feel like she can talk to her husband because he is shutting her out. It tells the story of a couple that is having trouble and that if he is not happy then she is doesn't want to stay in the relationship any longer, using the lyrics "consider me gone."

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