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Reba McEntire - Turn on the Radio - Lyrics Meaning

The song `Turn on the Radio' is a strong women song about a man who wants to get back in touch with a woman who he has done wrong. It starts out with the line "No good, two timing, lies coming out of your mouth." And goes on to tell him that if he "really want to stay in touch, turn on the radio" Implying that the only way that he was going to stay in touch with her was by listening to their song on the radio. The song is a fun and in your face song that tells the story of a woman who was done wrong, and wants nothing more to do with her cheating, lying ex-boyfriend.

She tells him that if "you wanna turn me on, turn on your stereo" and listen to the lyrics of a done me wrong song because that is the only way he is ever gonna hear from her again. It is a great break up song and provides a positive message to women of confidence and strength when they may be feeling weak. The line "So listen Romeo, let me tell you where to go" finishes up the last verse along with a final bout of the chorus and leaves no question that the relationship is over and that he does not stand a chance of getting back with her again.

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