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Rush - 2112 - Lyrics Meaning

The album/song '2112' was written by all three members of the Canadian trio Rush. 2112 is unique onto itself. The story of the album and song is a rather extensive one. The anthology depicts during the year of 2062, a war begins between several planets - resulting in an eventual alliance. When 2112 comes around, a man unearths a guitar: this said object was believed to have caused the war during 2062 to begin with. The man kills himself because he doesn't want everything to be controlled by an entity (especially after the entity destroyed the guitar).

Another war begins and the peacekeepers reclaim the planets. In general, the song is saying that music should be heard and it should never die, symbolically. The anthology in itself isn't easy to understand and to most people it just sounds like a novel sci-fi story.

To sum the storyline up, the Priests of the Temples of Syrinx probably started the war of 2062 and at a later date seized control over a planetary peacekeeping alliance (Red Star of the Solar Federation). Sometime around 2112, the Solar Federation regained its control. The idea of a guitar being an instrument of destruction is kinda silly, but at one time in history it was considered as a heathenism.

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