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Rush - Limelight - Lyrics Meaning

Back in the 1980s, a song was released by the power trio known as Rush. The song 'limelight' was a chart topper during its time. Neil Peart wrote the song a few years earlier. Neil Peart (band member and song writer) had a tough time coping with the reality of fame and his struggles.

During a 1988 interview, band leader Geddy Lee said, "Limelight was probably more of Neil's song than a lot of the songs on that album in the sense that his feelings about being in the limelight and his difficulty with coming to grips with fame and autograph seekers and a sudden lack of privacy and sudden demands on his time."

The song also denoted not just to Neil Peart's struggles, but to other people who was in a bind or having issues with their limelight. Fans abroad took notice to how hard it would be being famous and the demands of Hollywood.

Ironically, the song was used in a few movies related to fame-esque type scenarios. The song and its lyrics reside in the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame. The song 'Limelight' is probably the only song uniquely related to any one person that has an aspiration to become famous.

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