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Switchfoot - Dare You to Move - Lyrics Meaning

Dare You to Move was released as a single on the band's 2003 record titled The Beautiful Letdown. It was originally a part of the movie soundtrack of A Walk to Remember, but was re-released on their album. Lead singer Joe Foreman said the songs he writes are mostly about the personal things he deals with in life. Most of the band's songs are autobiographical in nature. This particular track is about facing the reality of how far man has fallen away from God and seeing that there is such a big difference in who we are than who we can become. Foreman references the fact that people only use a small portion of their brain and maybe the soul is the same way.

The song touches on how the world and its ways try to bring people down from living to their fullest. Foreman speaks about the fallout and the resistance of forces keeping humanity down, but he encourages people to take a stand against mediocrity and move to become better people who live for more than the cares of the world.

Foreman said writing this song was deeply personal to him as he was pondering those same issues in his own life. He says he loves writing songs with sincerity that the audience can connect with.

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