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Switchfoot - Stars - Lyrics Meaning

Stars reached number sixty-eight on the US charts. The single was off of the group's Nothing is Sound album released in 2005. Front man Jon Foreman describes how there must be a divine creation or a God that holds the universe together. His reasoning is that human kind is so self-destructive humans should have met their demise long ago. Foreman said that any system without external forces becomes more and more chaotic and destructive. He said that he could find no logical explanation other than God for keeping the universe in order.

Stars lyrics focus on the fact that when people look up to the sky they see how insignificant they and their problems are. The first verse talks about viewing the world from a humanistic perspective that says man is the center of the universe and is their own God. The second verse discusses looking at yourself as part of a bigger picture, which minimizes problems and brings comfort. Switchfoot say there are not Christian, but they are Christians by faith in Christ. They say their goal is to bring positivity in an industry where negativity reigns. Switchfoot has been called the thinking man's rock and roll band.

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