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System of a Down - Aerials Meaning - Lyrics Meaning

Released from their album Toxicity in 2002 written by Serj Tankian and Daron Malakian, it received a Grammy nomination for Best Rock Performance hitting number 1 in music charts.

The song goes through the emotion and feelings they are going through,

"Life is Like a waterfall" Indicating a downfall in reality such as things that go on in the world, murders, rapes, death, it can really bring you down if you acknowledge them, that the acknowledgement of the waterfall (Terrible things in life) and letting it bring you down.

"We hear the words, we lose ourselves but we find it all"

Suggesting we are being educated or told about the meaning or reality of life, and we lose our self in the realization of these things.

When reality hits us, we can no longer "play" we have to "work" and "survive".

Always want to go, but you never want to stay.

Getting the point across that humans are never satisfied, we always strive for more and we always want more because of ego.

We always want to go out and try to gain what we want, but we never stay satisfied with it so we self-sabotage our self to get what we want.

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