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System of a Down - B.Y.O.B - Lyrics Meaning

Inspired and written as a protest song against the war in Iraq and B.Y.O.D stands for "Bring your own bombs" , B.Y.O.B. emphasizes this "party" idea even more by using the popular party acronym, which usually stands for Bring Your Own Beer, and turning it into their own acronym, the song has strong political views on today's society and goes onto the Politian's and leaders calling them barbarians for the actions they take while asking critical questions within the song like "why don't presidents go to war".

The song begins with the rhetorical shrieked question "Why do they always send the poor?" and at the end it is changed into the exclamation "They always send the poor! Which criticises the Politian's and the exorbitant high number of poor people mostly with a low level of education in the US army.

The chorus is played in a laid back style, that we are all good while war is going on, Implying sarcasm to the ignorance that people live in today.

The entire song emphasise on controversial beliefs that tries to get this across to its audience in an objective fashion using irony and examples of past political decisions in time of war.

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