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The Beach Boys - Don't Worry Baby - Lyrics Meaning

Don't Worry Baby was released in 1964 and reached number 24 in the US charts.

The main focus of this song is not only drag racing but also a reference to the film "Rebel Without a Cause" which featured James Dean and Natalie Wood.

The song lyrics are about an American boy who has a car that is his pride and joy. He has been bragging to his friends and especially his girlfriend and he has been persuaded to enter a drag race using this car.

He is now really nervous and wishes he had kept quiet but he now knows he must go ahead with the race. His girlfriend his telling him not to worry and that everything will be alright but he can think of nothing else.

She is telling him to think of her whilst he is driving and he must surely win so don't think about all of the other guts and what they are saying, just 'Don't Worry Baby'

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