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The Beach Boys - God Only Knows - Lyrics Meaning

God Only Knows by the Beach Boys was released in 1966 and reached number 39 in the US charts and number 2 in the UK charts.

The lead singer of the Beach Boys, Brian Wilson wrote this song. He was especially interested in spirituality at the time and it was during a prayer session in the studio that this song was inspired.

The lyrics in this song describe the deep love the singer feels for his wife and that he doesn't know what he would do should she ever decide to leave him.

He goes on to describe how if she left him life would not be worth living but he also goes on to say that even though he would be absolutely devastated he would not be prepared to end his life.

This is a favourite love song of many people, including Paul McCartney. It is amazing that it only reached number 39 in the US charts

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