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The Fray - Over My Head (Cable Car) - Lyrics Meaning

Over My Head (Cable Car) is a song on the Fray's How to Save a Life album released in 2005. The song peaked on the US charts at number 8. "Cable Car" is based upon the real life fight between The Fray lead singer Isaac Slade and his brother Caleb, who served as bass player for the band. Caleb, whose nickname is Cable Car, left the band in 2002 because of a conflict about his bass playing abilities. The song is written through the eyes of Caleb and how he is feeling as a result of finding out his own brother wants him to leave the band. Caleb goes through a myriad of emotions ranging from anger, rage and apathy.

Caleb feels he is in over his head as the whole situation crumbles right in front of him. He is forced to deal with the relationship pain with his brother Isaac as well as his own deficiencies as a musician.

Caleb eventually runs from the situation but tells the rest of the band that they will find another bass player and abuse him also. Caleb is enraged because of the betrayal and tells the rest of the band he wishes they would have been honest with him before the situation escalated to the boiling point.

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