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The Fray - You Found Me - Lyrics Meaning

You Found Me was written by The Fray front man Isaac Slade as part of the band's 2008 self-titled release. Slade said the idea of the song started with events that begun in 2006. A man of Christian faith, Slade found himself in the midst of personal and family adversity and began to wonder why bad things happen to good people. He explained that this particular song was intensely personal and hard to write for him. He went on to say on the band's web site that the song is about disappointment and heartache. How in life you can be let down and how you can be the one to let others down as well. Slade said the song was also born out of a dream he had where he ran into God on a street corner. He said God looked like Bruce Springsteen and He was smoking a cigarette. Slade said he discussed with God where He was when all of the bad things had happened to him and other undeserving people. Slade said in the interview that the family and personal tragedies made him question his faith to the core but at the end of the day he still holds to his faith that is in his heart.

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