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Tim McGraw - Live Like You Were Dying - Lyrics Meaning

Live Like You Were Dying by Tim McGraw narrates the story of a man that found out he was going to die at a young age from a deadly disease. He was really taken aback by the news, and he was not too sure how he should react to his final days. He asked his doctor what should he do, and the doctor shared with him his personal experiences. The doctor told him to live his life to the absolute fullest for the time that he had left, so there would be no regrets left behind.

The doctor was explaining to him that when he thought he was living his last days, he had the chance to be the person that he should have been before and just kept putting off. He became the good husband and friend that he always knew he should be but felt he never had the time for. He got in touch with his religion, and he looked back at things that he always would have liked to do, but never did. The doctor then wishes him the chance to "live like you were dying", because it was an eye-opening experience that made him aware that life was not as serious as people always make it out to be.

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