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Tim McGraw - Red Rag Top - Lyrics Meaning

Red Rag Top by Tim McGraw explains the situation a twenty year old boy and an eighteen year old girl found themselves in. They spent their summer basking in the sun and each other's love. One thing led to another and they would up making love. During this time together, she found out that she was pregnant, which scared both of them because they were so young. He was out of work and she was still in school. They never even met each other's parents yet.

In the end, they decided that they were not ready to have a child, and she had an abortion. They agreed they would not let it make an impact on their relationship or their love for each other. Unfortunately, the wounds left from the procedure were too strong for either of them to ignore. Time went on, and they both ended up going their separate ways. He does not know where she is years later, or what happened to her with her life. He was reminded of her recently, when he saw a girl in a similar car that reminded him of her, and he reminisced on their love before it was destroyed by irresponsibility.

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