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Underoath - A Moment Suspended in Time - Lyrics Meaning

A Moment Suspended in Time is a single from the band's 2006 album Define the Great Line. The album debuted at number 2 on the Billboard Top 200 chart. Co-lead singers Spencer Chamberlin and Aaron Gillespie wrote the track. Much confusion surrounds the meaning of many Underoath songs, a ploy that seems to be put into practice by many heavier sounding bands. This particular song is about taking life seriously and living with no regrets. The seriousness is brought about by a near death experience in the form of a tornado or hurricane drill that forces the protagonist under their desk. The song speaks about how an intense moment that may lead to death puts all of one's values and life into proper perspective. The singer speaks about needing these types of moments because this is where one's life can be put back into order.

Although there is no direct mention of God or Jesus Christ, Underoath is a Christian band, a fact that they proudly announce despite touring with many secular acts. The track also deals with the protagonist's relationship with God and how he is afraid of his fate, be it heaven or hell.

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