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Underoath - You're Ever so Inviting - Lyrics Meaning

You're Ever So Inviting is a single off the band's third album Define the Great Line. It was released in June 2006 and debuted at number two on the Billboard Top 200 chart. The highest debut for the band thus far. The song's meaning has generated a lot of discussion between fans and critics alike. The song's focus has to do with living up to God's standards and not our own. The protagonist of the song talks about reading pages left to right and being able to see everything. He is referencing the bible and because the bible reveals truth he is able to see everything in light of the truth. He rants about how others have influenced him to live below the standard God has set for him as well as the standard he has set for himself, which leaves a bitter taste in his mouth. He feels as if he is digging himself deeper and deeper into a hole and is up to his neck in sin and failure.

The album also comes in a special edition with limited artwork and a DVD documentary about the process the band went through to make the album and the meaning behind the artwork. The album sold 98,000 copies its first week.

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